Company Policies


ASC is a well-reputed seed company in Pakistan and is active in R&D and the sale & marketing of innovative, high yielding high quality vegetable seeds

We have over 15 years of rich history in development/farming that gives our company a reputation for innovation and the quality of varieties we develop

All varieties are evaluated comprehensively by our qualified team and varieties showing resilience, high yield, resistance, and adaptability for the specific agro-climatic conditions are chosen for commercialization

We work closely with the farmer’s community and all players in this chain to develop new varieties that meet all their needs and expectations

We provide an ever-growing portfolio of the best varieties in the Tomato, Hot & Sweet Pepper, Cucumber, Squash, Okra, Onion, Gourds, Muskmelon, and Watermelon

To date, we enlisted 131 varieties with Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department (FSC&RD)