Akora Seeds

ASC is a well-reputed seed company in Pakistan and is active in R&D and the sale & marketing of innovative, high yielding high-quality Fruits and vegetable seeds


Akora Seeds

We have over 15 years of rich history in development/farming that gives our company a reputation for innovation and the quality of varieties we develop

Akora Seeds

We work closely with the farmer’s community and all players in this chain to develop new varieties that meet all their needs and expectations



Muhammad Siddique

 “Doing Agriculture is not only a job, it is a passion too, because it is a source of food for humanity. Luckily, we are been selected for this good cause. A good quality seed is not only important for Agriculture but also for farmer’s community to ensure high production and food security.

Our corporate principle for best quality seed plus our dedicated services result in ours and our stakeholder’s success.

We constantly challenge our services to update and improve the quality of seeds and to minimize the cost without compromising on quality. With this mindset, Akora Seeds Company is contributing its services for the betterment of humanity and farmer’s community in particular.

We are confident that you, our asset, will believe in our principle and products.”

Thank you

Our Seed Products

ASC Fruit Seeds

Find a wide variety of high-quality, disease-free, genetically pure fruit seeds here. Our product line includes seeds of melon and watermelon for home gardeners and commercial growers. These seeds are well-sourced for growth in various growing conditions and are easy to handle by beginners and experienced gardeners.

ASC Vegetable Seeds

At Akora Seed, we believe in the power of seeds to bring healthy, fresh produce to your plate. Our premium quality vegetable seeds are carefully selected and tested for high germination rates and strong yields, so you can be confident in the success of your fields. From classic favorites like juicy tomatoes to unique and flavorful options, Our wide selection of vegetable seeds has something for every gardener and every palate.